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Image Oxford Ancestors began in 2000 in Professor Sykes' university laboratory following press coverage of his research into mitochondrial DNA and the genetics of human evolution.  This showed, among other things, that almost everyone in Europe was maternally descended from one of seven female ancestors. Following the publication of 'The Seven Daughters of Eve' in 2001 the demand from members of the public for DNA tests soon outstripped the capacity of the laboratory and the company, now incorporated as an official University of Oxford 'spin-off', moved into purpose-built premises in Littlemore, just south of Oxford.

By then, Oxford Ancestors also offered Y-chromosome tests to follow the equivalent paternal line after Prof Sykes' laboratory had uncovered the surprisingly close association between surnames and Y-chromosomes, a connection which was soon enthusiastically taken up by genealogists.

 As demand for our services grew, we moved into our current premises in Kidlington, to the north of Oxford.  We remain close to Prof Sykes' academic research and, as the science has developed we have added new services, such as our 'Tribes of Britain' test where customers with roots in Britain or Ireland can learn whether their ancestors were likely to have been Vikings, Saxons or Celts.

Though we are well aware you have a choice, we are confident that you will appreciate the unrivalled scientific credentials and experience that Oxford Ancestors has to offer when choosing who to analyse the most precious gift from your ancestors - your DNA.


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