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When I first logged on to your truly amazing website I was a little concerned at the price of a test but on receiving my results I can only say WOW!, it was worth every penny. It was so interesting and informative and also extremely mind-blowing to find out that we are all so closely connected. In the last chapter of the book, The Seven Daughters of Eve, you talk of a feeling of a sense of connection between members of the same clan. I completely understand and now enjoy communicating with these people through your website. Thank you.
BS, Sydney, Australia

I started reading The Seven Daughters of Eve and have to say I am absolutely fascinated by Professor Sykes’ findings. I am even more excited about your company and your wonderful website. I will certainly be asking for a gift pack for Christmas to find out more about which daughter I am descended from.
SD, Connecticut, USA

First, to put you at ease, I’m pleased with your service. I felt that I was taking something of a risk: in a scheme that could well be fraudulent. It’s a fairly substantial investment, to put up in advance, not knowing how ethical is the party on the other end.

You determined me to be a descendent of Helena. Not too surprising; the only thing I knew before was that my father said we were ‘Scotch-Irish’. Still don’t know exactly what that amounts to.

I noted that you took an additional week to report on my wife’s ancestry (Ina - Ed). That was actually reassuring; I concluded that you were re-checking your results to rule out error. Your letter says: ’Yours is a DNA sequence which is very rare among native Europeans’. Indeed. My wife is descended from Native Americans; Mexican, in the case of her father, the California coastal Chumash in the case of her mother. If you had categorized her as a descendant from one of the Seven Daughters of Eve, I would likely have challenged your results.

In short, I believe you have passed the test. You conducted your tests honestly and reported your results. I feel that I have gotten my money’s worth. Thank you very much.
WB, California, USA

When I received my DNA results from Oxford Ancestors telling me that through my mother I am of the clan of Ursula I almost cried. Your service is incredible and I am really grateful for what you do.
FO, California, USA

I have recently completed co-ordinating a large Special Names Project with your Company and would like to thank you very much for the efficient and professional way that our association with you was conducted. The final report containing a summary of all the results and an interpretation by one of your experts helped us to understand the relationship between the participants. I am currently recruiting more possible men to take part and add to this fantastic project. Thank you and may your work go from strength to strength.
PA, London, UK

Thank you for sending me the results of my Tribes of Britain Ancestry test. I must say that I am now feeling very ‘Nordic’ and have taken to eating more fish and longing for the open seas. This is really a most fascinating project and many of my friends and relatives are intending to find out if they too are a Viking.
GG, Cornwall, UK

Thank you for my gift pack. I haven't been this excited about a Christmas present since my parents bought me my first 'proper' bike at 13. Kindest Regards
JB, Wales, UK

Through the MatriLine database I contacted one of your customers. Through searching both our lines it turns out we are 4th cousins once removed. Without having our DNA done we would not have found each other, so again thanks.
JG, Scotland, UK

I would like to thank you and your team for giving me the most exciting day of my life. I was thrilled to bits to find out that I belonged to the clan of Katrine and the icing on the cake to be a relative of the Iceman.

I feel I belong to something bigger than myself and I am not just hanging here, and that my ancestors got through all the trouble, diseases and the perils of life for me to be able to exist. Thank you.
TP, New Zealand


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