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Welcome to our Database Search Zone. As an Oxford Ancestors customer you are entitled to Full Membership of the Zone with unlimited access to our extensive databases and the opportunity to make contact with other customers with matching results. Please remember that you will need to log in before each session.

Oxford Ancestors customers from before October 2008 need to register by following the link on the right or by CLICKING HERE before accessing the databases.

Oxford Genetic Atlas Project

You can now search the results of the Oxford Genetic Atlas Project (OGAP) in both our mitochondrial and Y-chromosome databases. This project, which ran from 1996 to 2000, involved ten thousand volunteers from all over Britain and the results formed the basis of Prof Sykes' 2006 book Blood of the Isles (published in the US as Saxons, Vikings and Celts).

You will recognise an entry from OGAP by the acronym in the "Country" column of your search results. Britain was divided into geographical regions which appear under the DKPA (Deepest Known Paternal Ancestor) or DKMA (Deepest Known Maternal Ancestor) columns depending on which of the databases you are searching. Assigned maternal clans are the same throughout the database but paternal clan assignments differ due to the earlier numerical classification system in use at the time the OGAP samples were analysed. These are approximately equivalent to the current system as follows: 1 = Oisin (R1b), 2 = Wodan (I), 3 = Sigurd (R1a), 9 = Re (J) and 21 = Eshu (E).

Unlike our customers who opt to share their results, all OGAP subjects are anonymous.


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