ImageThe scientific foundation for Oxford Ancestors was built on research in my university laboratory where we were using DNA to explore human origins. It was here that I first discovered the almost miraculous ability of mitochondrial DNA to delve into our deep ancestry and reveal the identity of our individual clan mothers. These women, who lived thousands of years ago, became the heroines of my first book The Seven Daughters of Eve. A little later, my colleagues and I discovered the unexpectedly strong link between surnames and Y-chromosomes that has since become the mainstay of genetic genealogy. These were all exciting research discoveries but such was the response to their publication that, in 2001, the University of Oxford created Oxford Ancestors. It was, and remains, our intention to enable everyone to share in the excitement that modern genetics can reveal about our own ancestry.

A lot has changed since those early days. DNA analysis has become increasingly, and bewilderingly, technical, often at the expense of the elegant simplicity it reveals about of our own deep ancestry. While always working to the highest scientific standards, Oxford Ancestors never neglects that element of wonder.

As Chairman, I keep an eye on all our operations and I also take a personal interest in the quality of our laboratory results that are, after all, at the heart of our operation. We also maintain a high level of customer support in an area which can be unfamiliar to many people.

We are proud to have been the first company in the world to pioneer the use of DNA to connect us to our ancestors and to our relatives. I hope you will value our long experience and, on behalf of the team at Oxford Ancestors, we look forward to helping you explore your own genetic roots.

Bryan Sykes MA PhD DSc


1. We destroy all DNA samples once the analysis is completed. 2. The results of our DNA analyses are confidential to the sample provider. 3. We do not reveal data to third parties. Your genetic ancestry is too precious to be traded.


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