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Behind Oxford Ancestors is a team of talented people from various backgrounds, all dedicated to providing our customers with a service that is high quality, informative and efficient.

Image Professor Bryan Sykes - Chairman & Founder
Bryan has been a Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Oxford since 1997 and is a Fellow of Wolfson College.  After discovering how to extract DNA from human fossils, his research has used genetics to explore many aspects of human evolution particularly as revealed by mitochondrial DNA and Y-chromosomes.  His three books on genetics 'The Seven Daughters of Eve', 'Adam's Curse' and 'Blood of the Isles' are all written with the general reader in mind. When not in Oxford, Bryan lives on the Isle of Skye off the northwest coast of Scotland.

Candida Checksfield - Customer Liaison
Candida joined Oxford Ancestors in September 2001 after a career in the travel business. She was raised in Oxford with her sister and three brothers. She now lives with her son Felix in a small Oxfordshire village not too far from the office.

Image Hilary Prince - Customer Liaison
Hilary was born and raised in Middlesex and moved to Oxfordshire in 1979. Her home is now in Kidlington, allowing her to cycle to work in all weathers! She joined Oxford Ancestors in April 2002.


Emma Kensington - Media and PR

Emma joined us in Summer 2009 after an international PR career which has taken her to the US, Australia, New Zealand and the Bahamas. 

ImageRobin Roberts-Gant - Design
Robin was born in London.  His career started off in design and printing and graduated into computing where he could combine both passions.  He joined the staff of the University of Oxford in 1997 where he now runs a production unit specialising in image manipulation, typesetting and design.  He lives with his family in north Oxfordshire. 

ImageSue Foden - Non-Executive Director
After gaining MA and DPhil degrees from Oxford, Sue's career has taken her through positions in Technology Transfer, Intellectual Property and Venture Capital.  Sue joined the Board of Oxford Ancestors in 2001 and is currently a non-executive director of several UK biotech companies.  She lives in Oxford. 

ImageWilliam James - Non-Executive Director
William is Professor of Virology at the University of Oxford and an expert on HIV/Aids.  Like Sue Foden, he joined the Oxford Ancestors Board in 2001 and also represents the University in some of its other spin-out companies.

Chris Leech - Accountant
Chris has been managing our accounts since 2002.  He has a practice in nearby Bicester, where his family keep a field full of horses.  He has recently bought a property in the French Pyrenees.

 Paul Leverell - Web Development
Paul is the co-owner of The Design Partnership and is responsible for the on-going development and management of the Oxford Ancestors' web site.
Image  The Lab Team
Lab director Simon Mayes, flanked by Ranc Al-Nakkash (left) and Justyna Porwicz (right) are pictured in front of one of our hard-working DNA analysers.  With over 20 years accumulated experience between them, your DNA is safe in their hands.



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