Oxford Ancestors is closing down after 18 years. I have enjoyed those years immensely and it has been a rare privilege to have you send me your DNA from all over the world. We started because I wanted people to be able to share in the excitement of the research being done in university laboratories like my own in Oxford but rarely reaching beyond the halls of academe. That has all changed now and cheap DNA tests are widely available, even if their meaning is sometimes dubious. The popularity of ‘ethnic testing’ is a case in point, where even religious persuasion is given a genetic foundation by some companies. Have they never heard of the outrages of ‘racial purity’ and the eugenics movement or is it just one more business opportunity?

But I digress. Than you all for your patronage over the years. I am leaving Oxford this Summer to live abroad and write more books and I did not feel the company could be run well like that.

In practical terms, all outstanding orders will be fulfilled in accordance with our Terms and Conditions and the databases will operate as usual for a few more months.

NEWS FLASH 1.April 2018

We have extended our deadline for return of DNA samples from 10th May until June 30th. If you are willing to accept this new return date we will welcome you order.  

To accommodate this extension there is a change to the Terms and Conditions. Para 3 (e) is amended to read. "DNA samples must be returned to the Company laboratories to arrive within three months of the order date or by an alternative date announced on the website."

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Bryan Sykes MA PhD DSc


1. We destroy all DNA samples once the analysis is completed. 2. The results of our DNA analyses are confidential to the sample provider. 3. We do not reveal data to third parties. Your genetic ancestry is too precious to be traded.


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